Catholic Identity

Catholic identity is what sets NCS apart from all other schools. From hundreds of Catholic role models of all ages living out the school mission to parish-wide  support for the students’ sacramental preparation to daily prayer and service projects at every grade level, NCS stands above the rest when it comes to  helping students and their families - fully live their Catholic Faith.

NCS builds upon the religious foundation established by you and your family. Therefore, families are encouraged and expected to fully participate in this development process. Families are welcome to attend weekly school Mass, volunteer in the classroom and lunchroom, establish family prayer routines, attend school events and join in any opportunity to reinforce and encourage Catholic values being taught to our children. NCS Staff endeavors to reinforce the lessons,  values and religious foundation laid in the home by creating new and challenging opportunities for students to grow in their faith and apply values learned. NCS provide students with excellent Catholic role models - teachers, staff members and priests who live their faith on a daily basis serving Christ through the ministry of education. Young students benefit from the examples set by older students in the school especially through the 6th Grade Ambassador program and the  weekly celebration of Mass. Prayer is a key component of daily life at NCS. Daily classroom prayer, prayer before and after athletic events, prayer before lunch, living rosaries, celebration of Catholic Schools Week and retreats are just a few of the ways the tone is set for a spiritually enriching environment. Students are also encouraged to follow Christ’s example in service to others by participating in service programs to help those in need through toy & food drives, adopted families, confirmation & high school service projects and many more programs.

Campus Ministry and Religious Formation

NCS is a faith-based community whose mission is to develop leaders with Christian values through educational excellence. The Campus Ministry Program, which is offered in both at both the elementary & high school level, serves the pastoral needs and assists in the spiritual formation of the students, faculty and parents.  Along with the required religion curriculum, NCS students have the following opportunities: Prayer gatherings, sacraments & worship, community service and  outreach projects, retreats, small group faith sharing, inter-school and archdiocesan events, spiritual direction & pastoral care, and leadership development.

Norfolk Catholic School - A Tradition of Excellence

For the past 85+ years, NCS has proudly served the needs of Catholic education in Norfolk, NE. The school was started by Franciscan Sisters, under the direction of Father Daniel Moriarty, and was known as Sacred Heart School. Enrollment for the first year of school included 187 students. Sacred Heart School was located on the corner of 6th and Madison Avenue.

Over the years, many physical changes have occurred at NCS. With enrollment increasing, an additional school was built in 1961 at the 24th & Madison Avenue location and came to be known as Norfolk Catholic High School.

In 2003, having outgrown the grade school facility on 6th Street, classes began a newly constructed Sacred Heart Elementary School on 24th & Madison  Avenue. The new school is located across the street from the Jr. /Sr. High School. The NCS campus provides a convenient, safe location for all the students (Pre-K through 12th grade) that attend the Sacred Heart Parish school system.

NCS, through the cooperative witness of faculty, staff and parents, provides a challenging academic curriculum, which fosters intellectual growth, strives to lead students to develop their God-given talents to grow in Christian love of God and all creatures and challenges these students to live the teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Roman Catholic Church.