NC School Advisory Board

The NC School Board is an Advisory Board to the President and Principals of Norfolk Catholic School, to ensure the mission and vision of NCS are being carried out.

Norfolk Catholic School Strategic Plan 2013

2018 Strategic Planning - Goals & Objectives

The Board meets monthly during the school year starting in September. 

NC Advisory Board Bylaws

Members serve a 3-year term. Elections for new members are held the 1st weekend in June. 

Current members of the Norfolk Catholic School Advisory Board are:

Chad Maas - Chair
Dr. Nick Boyle
Shane Clausen
Russ Baumert
Phillip Vuchetich
Melinn Young
Steve Beller
Josh Turek
Kalli Nygren
Linda Wilcox
Fr. Pat McLaughlin - Pastor Sacred Heart Parish
Fr. Gregory Carl - Associate Pastor
Fr. Scott Schilmoeller - Associate Pastor
Amy Wattier - NC High School Principal
Bill Lafleur - NC Elementary School principal

Norfolk Catholic School was established in 1926 and the Elementary School is now located at 2301 W. Madison Ave. The current building was built in 2003. It currently has over 350 students in grades Pre-K through 6th.

Norfolk Catholic High School graduated its 1st class in 1931 and is now located at 2300 W. Madison Ave. the current building was built in 1960. It currently has over 300 students in grades 7th through 12th.