MISSION: Walking With You to Meet Jesus


We empower everyone – Students, Parents, Administration, Teachers and Support Team – to use the gifts that God has provided to each of us to the best of our ability.  We strive for excellence in developing our faith life, rigorous academics, leadership opportunities, extra-curricular activities and community service.  We inspire achievement and success in all that we do.  We acknowledge that each individual is unique and that everyone has gifts to share.  We give generously of these gifts, allowing great things to happen in and through us.


We acknowledge that parents are the first and best educators of their children in faith and morals.   Our school works in partnership with Sacred Heart Parish, school administration, teachers and the greater community.  Together we provide accessible and affordable educational opportunities to produce well-rounded students and prepare them for success in their chosen vocation.


We seek to be dynamic stewards, alive with the Holy Spirit, spreading the values of the Gospel through every aspect of our lives.  We challenge one another to develop our servant leadership skills and emphasize the development of strong character and virtue through our PeaceBuilders and House System.  We live as witnesses to the great commandment of love of God and neighbor.  We continually encourage one another on our faith journeys toward becoming authentic and intentional disciples centered in Christ.


At Norfolk Catholic School, we prepare our students to be leaders in service to others.  We recognize that leaders make an impact in the world around them by their actions, choices, examples and influence.  We work hard to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing what we receive and paying it forward to others.