Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some questions that parents frequently ask. Questions not addressed here may be answered in the school handbook or elsewhere on this website.  Also, you are welcome to call the school office with any questions: 402-371-2784 (high school) or 402-371-4584 (elementary school).



  • How do I login to SYCAMORE?

    Our School ID is 1119. You should have a unique username and password. Contact the school office if you have misplaced this information. Pick up your username and password information from the school office.

    There is a link to Sycamore on this website. You may also log on to Sycamore by visiting

  • How do I login to SMART Tuition?

    There is a link to SMART Tuition on this website. You may also log on to SMART Tuition by visiting

    When you log in for the first time:

    • Click on the "First Time User" Link
    • Enter your SMART Family ID number (from your welcome email sent when you activated your account), phone number or email address that you entered when setting up your account
    • Choose your own USER LOGIN and PASSWORD for your account

    If you need assistance with logging into you account, you can call the SMART Customer Service line at 888-868-8828

  • What is the School's Curriculum?

    The Curriculum is a standards-based curriculum of the Archdiocese of Omaha. The curriculum in each area is written and revised each summer by Archdiocese of Omaha teachers. Many Norfolk Catholic teachers have spent time helping to write and revise our curriculum.

    Curriculum guides offer clear expectations for education in the following subject areas: Religion, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, World Languages, and Technology.

    Teachers use the curriculum as the basis for planning their lessons for the year. Use of the curriculum will assist students in attaining the standards for which they are accountable.

    All graduates of Norfolk Catholic and all schools in the Archdiocese of Omaha will demonstrate:

    • Religious knowledge, virtues, morals, and practices;
    • Knowledge of core disciplines and fine arts;
    • Higher-order thinking skills;
    • Effective communication skills;
    • Effective social interaction skills;
    • Independent learning skills;
    • Life-long learning with the ability to access and utilize resources;
    • Knowledge of practices essential to:
    • Sound health and stable families
    • Responsible stewardship
    • Mature, responsible, and sensible use of technology; and
    • Effective citizenship.

  • Is there a Parent Association?

    Yes,  the Home & School Association is an active group of parents who support Elementary School. 

    Music Boosters and Athletic Boosters are also very active organizations at our High School.

    For a full listing of these support groups, please refer to the section on the web site entitled "Support Organizations"

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Communication Tools

School Faculty & Staff use a variety of tools to communicate with Parents and keep everyone informed. 

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