Financial Aid

Few families find it “easy” to pay Norfolk Catholic School’s tuition.  Most adjust their spending priorities, maximize both parents' earnings and carefully manage assets to do so.  Norfolk Catholic School is committed to assisting families who demonstrate a measurable level of financial need but are still willing to assume as much responsibility as they are able for tuition.  Indeed, we believe that it is our duty to put forth every effort to make the Norfolk Catholic School experience available to as diverse a group of talented and dedicated students as possible.

Assistance is available through a variety of means.  For more information on what assistance is available, please contact the Business Office at 402-371-2621

PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH OF THESE PROGRAMS HAS A FIRM DEADLINE!  Applications received after the deadline dates will be ineligible.  

Facts 2019-2020 - Please contact Patsy Taylor at 402-371-2621 to get started with the FACTS Application Process