Since 1926, one of the primary apostolates and missions of Sacred Heart Parish has been to provide Catholic education for the youth of our community.  Each generation has embraced this work with dedication and sacrifice, recognizing that Catholic schools are the best means of sharing the faith with Catholic children and preparing them for service to the Church and the world.

Financing Norfolk Catholic School involves the support of Catholic parishioners, parents, and community donors using a variety of means; including tuition, fundraisers, Endowments, and The Fund for NC as shown below. With these principles and cost sharing we strive to keep parent tuition affordable.

  • The assessment of tuition of a child's education at Norfolk Catholic School is understood as a necessary and integral component of the financial management of the school and of a family's share in the gift of Catholic education received from the Church and the Norfolk community.
  • The family's donation of time in volunteer service hours for the good of the school and parish community is also critical to the Catholic education of the family's children.