Catholic Resources

The Catholic Faith Resource pages are provided to help assist you in your life long journey throughout the Catholic faith. We hope these pages will help you to come to a greater understanding of your faith, a deepening of your spirituality, and an expression of your life in Christ. Please click on the category on the bottom that interests you and you will be presented with a variety of articles, recordings and other resources.

Leadership Resources

As leaders we are all called to grow and learn as well as make new leaders. We hope the following resources well help you with that.

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Know Your Faith

As Christians we are called to know and love God, and to follow Jesus Christ. As members of the Roman Catholic Church we never cease to

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Catholic Media Links

Excellent Catholic podcasts and videos to help further your faith journey.

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Formation Links

The links below are excellent Catholic resources provided for your convenience and to help further your faith

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Online Chapel

Welcome to the Sacred Heart Parish Online Chapel

Still your heart. - Come into the presence of God. - Join us in prayer.

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We hope to offer you a selection of resources to help you learn more about our Church’s holy heroes and heroines of the faith. Whether you would

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Retreat Links

Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed. “(Mk 1:35)

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