Suffering and Sacrifice

 Presented by Dr. Demetrio Aguila

In case you missed our Lenten Talk on Suffering and Sacrifice from Saturday, February 24th, you may find it below along with other great talks at the "How to Speak Catholic Podcast".

Suffering and Sacrifice
How to Speak Catholic Podcast

Suffering and Sacrifice - Join us for Episode 21 of "How to Speak Catholic," as we dive into the Church's Scriptural basis for its teachings on suffering and sacrifice in light of our Lenten journey. We don't typically think of Abraham as having suffered, and we often think we know his story well, but do we really? Have you ever asked yourself what Abraham saw when God asked him to count the stars in the sky? How old was Isaac when he was placed on the altar? What does any of this have to do with giving up chocolate for Lent? Join us as we explore these questions, and more, and as we discover how to make our Lenten journey more fruitful. And find out how Servant of God Father Vincent Capodanno fits into all this. . . . 

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