2018-2019 Athletic Physicals

NC will again use the Privit system for Athletic Physicals. 

Physicals will be held at NC on Tuesday, July 10th from 4-6:30 pm

Please visit the following link:

Privit - Norfolk Catholic

Current families will need to update their profile, New families will need to make a profile, please follow the instructions on the site.

When finished with these steps we ask that you would print off the Clearance form, Privit Profile and Physical Exam forms from the documents tab.  These forms will need to be taken to the doctor for your pre–participation physicals for sports/activities.  All forms will need to be handed in to the office prior to the first day of the activity or athlete will not be able to participate.

The school will upload your forms to the Privit Profile and you will need to log in and do an e-signature for both the parent and the athlete.  If you have any questions please call the office (402-371-2784) for additional help.