Dress Code

The Dress Code requirements are:


Polo shirts
+Red, white, or navy blue
+Short or long sleeved
+NCS logo or no logo
Oxford shirts
+Red, white, or navy blue
+Long or short sleeved
+Button down collar
+If the oxford has an insignia, it must be small and discreet

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Navy blue or khaki

+Pants and shorts must be worn above the hip
+Shorts must be knee length
+7th -12th grade only: Plain black, brown, or tan belts

The following are not allowed on pants or shorts:
+Denim or denim type fabric
+Cargo pockets

+Navy blue or khaki
+Skirts and skorts must be knee length

+Navy blue or khaki
+Jumpers must be knee length
+School polo or oxford shirt must be worn underneath


+Red, white, navy blue, or black crewneck (school activity sweatshirts are acceptable)
+May not be worn inside out
+No hooded sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom during school hours

+Red, white, navy blue, or black
+If the fleece has an insignia, it must be small and discreet


+Socks are required
+Solid white, black, or navy blue
+Girls in grades K-12 may wear tights of solid red, white, or navy blue
+No leggings may be worn


+Shoes are required.
+Shoes with laces must be tied.
+No shoes with open heels or open toes may be worn
+No light up shoes may be worn
+No crocs or slippers may be worn
+Boots should be no higher than mid-calf and plain black, brown, or tan leather or suede-like material with no embellishments including fur
+Snow boots may only be worn during recess


+Undergarments that detract from the outer appearance of the uniform by being visible or showing through are not appropriate.
+T-shirts worn under the shirts must be plain white and short sleeved. Colored T-shirts or white T-shirts with printing are not allowed.


All students must maintain an appropriate level of personal hygiene that is neat, clean, and pleasant.


+Hair for boys and girls should be neat, clean, and in its natural state (no fads or extreme styles). Bangs will not cover the eyes. Boys’ hair shall not extend below the bottom of an ordinary shirt collar in the back and the hair shall not extend below earlobe level on the sides.
+Boys should be clean shaven at all times.
+Feathers or other adornments may not be used.


+Jewelry for boys and girls should be simple and modest while on campus or at any official school sanctioned activity. The wearing of earrings or other body piercing by boys is not permitted. Jewelry for body piercing other than ears for girls is not permitted. No large hoop or dangle earrings are allowed for safety reasons.
K-6:  Bracelets, ankle and wrist, pins, buttons are not a part of the school uniform. This includes all rope, yarn, beaded, rubber (“live strong”, etc.) wrist and ankle bands.
7-12: Multiple watches or bands around the wrist will not be allowed.


+Visible tattoos (permanent or temporary) are not permitted for boys or girls.
+Tattoos or other related markings that deface the skin must be covered while on campus or at school sanctioned activities.

Head coverings

+No hats, caps, bandanas, or scarves may be worn during school hours.
+Headbands must be plain black, brown, red, white, or navy blue

Jeans Day

+Clothing worn on jeans day must likewise be neat, modest, clean at all times, and reflect personal pride, and maintain the dignity of Norfolk Catholic School

+Jeans, capri jeans, jeans shorts, or jean skirts
+Skirts and shorts must be at least knee length
+Jeans must be worn above the hip and be without holes

+No tank tops or sleeveless shirts
+Must cover midriff and touch top of the jeans
+No immoral words, references, pictures, or gestures
+No reference toward alcohol, drugs, or smoking

Dress Up Day

+Christian modesty is to be taken into consideration
+No excessively tight clothing
+Neckline must be modest and reveal no cleavage
+Midriff must be covered at all times
+Dresses and skirts must cover at least ¾ of the thigh

Extra Curricular Dress-up day

+One day per week
+Khaki pants / capris with activity shirt
+Dress up – Same as outlined above

Senior Dress Code – (4th quarter)

+Same as Jeans Day

Students not following the policies may be sent home and time missed may have to be made up after school.