At Sacred Heart Parish, the Sacrament of Confirmation is conferred upon children in the 9th grade. Registration begins in the Spring with an orientation of 8th grade students with a meeting for youth and parents/guardians.

Confirmation is a moment of incredible grace in both the lives of your candidate and you as parents. Parents—you promised to keep the light of Christ alive in your child at Baptism. This is another important step in your child’s faith life. It is a sealing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that your child received at Baptism.

As a sacrament of initiation, Confirmation is about bringing your child even closer into relationship with God and our Church. Confirmation, like all sacraments, is a gift from God, a special moment of grace in the life of your candidate and you as parents. It is about helping your child recognize the special gifts or talents that God has given him or her, and helping them see ways they can share them with the community.

Retreats and service opportunities are ways to help your child experience Christ in his or her life. They also help parents and religious educators to evaluate where the candidate may need some additional help in growing in their faith life.

Service Hours– Stewardship of God’s Gifts

Service hours should not be looked on as a duty, but as an opportunity for your child to experience their special talents and gifts in relationship to others, both within the parish and in the community.

The reflection that occurs after the service is completed can be even more important than the actual service.  Reflection helps us to recognize the special gifts with which God has blessed us, and reminds us to share them with others in loving gratitude to God.

Help your candidate reflect on the following questions:

  • How was God present in the people you served? 
  • What gifts or talents did you need? 
  • From this experience, what did you learn about God? 
  • Did you learn anything about the needs of the community? 
  • Did you learn about yourself as a result of this experience? 


A retreat is an occasion where a change of heart  occurs within the candidate which causes an increased desire for a life in relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. A retreat can be a prayer experience, a Catholic sponsored concert, adoration, a parish mission or retreat offered and approved by the Sacred Heart Parish pastor.

For more information contact:

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