Prayer Intentions

 We have a number of prayer teams at Sacred Heart Parish that want to pray for you or a family member’s needs. You can choose the option that best fits your need and level of privacy.

Rosary Crusade – A 15 day rosary offered for your special intentions. The Rosary Crusade is coordinated by Diana at 402-841-6355.

Prayer Line - Prayer for individuals in crisis. Parishioners may call to request prayers for loved ones or for anyone in need of extra prayer. Contact the Parish Office at 402-371-2621.

Prayer Intention Books
Prayer Intention books are now located at both St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart Churches.
You are welcome to add your intentions into the book to acknowledge blessings, request petitions or prayers for the sick, the homebound, the suffering, the local and universal Church, the needs of the world, and all who need prayers.
You will find the Prayer Intention Books in the Narthex gathering space and the Adoration Chapel at St. Mary’s Church and in the South foyer at Sacred Heart Church.
Please keep these prayer intentions in your daily prayers and the parish will remember them in our prayers also.

Parishioner Intentions – These Prayer intentions are read at Mass, listed in the Weekend Bulletin and included here on the Website Prayer Intentions page.
In order to balance the privacy of individuals and the work that God has called us to do in praying for one another,  we ask you to please abide by the following guidelines for Parishioner Intentions:
--This type of intention is for current parishioners only (for other family and friends, please choose another Prayer option above)
--Prayers can be requested by a parishioner for themselves, a spouse, or a minor child.
--A member of the immediate family (parent, sibling, adult child) may make a request with the parishioner’s express permission.
--Be respectful of a person’s wishes at all times. Some parishioners are very private and do not want to have their name on a prayer list or announced at Mass. There are other more private prayer options (see above)
--In order to honor as many requests as possible, we will maintain their name on our list for 2 weeks
--Requests must be called in to Reggie at the Parish Office.
--Requests may not be added at Mass times. Listing in the bulletin will follow regular Bulletin deadlines as published.

Please keep the following parishioners in your prayers:
***JoAnn Fintowski
***Myles Johnson

Please pray for the following:
***For our Parish, for healing & unity
***For all those suffering from cancer
***for parishioners who are in Hospice
***For parishioners seeking employment
***For parishioners who have lost a love one this past year
***For all who seek Healing

The following parishioners have recently passed away.
Please keep them & their families in your prayers:

Bonnie Becker
Robert Woodard
Della Cook
Paul Sharon
Briggs Owen West
Velma Gries
Carson Michael Becker
Connie Wortmann
Ralph Dopheide
Dennis Indra
Jean Starks
Sharlene Hoile
James Furley
Robert Ludemann
Carolyn Glaser
David Ackman
Margie Bessmer
Mabel Van Ert
Carol Craven
Kevin Marshall
Wilma Votruba
Catherine Schneider
Kevin Bomar
David Johnson
Loren Votruba
Aiden Dominic Henkel
Frances Pratt
Jean Schiffbauer
Joseph Wragge
Simone Denn
Kenneth Smith
Carole Ann Horner
Ardell Johnson
Carl Bendixen
Mary Pieke
George Dufalla
Helen Medelman
James Stachura
Barbara Widhelm
Clifford Jurack
Barbara Houlette
Arthur Pendergast
Lorraine Braithwait
Karon Putjenter
Janet JUndt
Khloe Papousek
Delvin Peplinski
Mary Thege
Orlo Rath
LaVern Babel
Gerald Vogel
Leo Jochum
Mary Dreher
Dyane Stickley
Kelly Kenny
Kenneth C. Finochiaro
Daryl Velder
Dorothy Coday
Helen Wolf
Geraldine Brandl
Marian Barta
Richard Lyon
Trever Erickson
Scott Goodman

The following parish families have also lost a loved one this past year. Please keep them in your prayers:
-Jerry Petersen, brother of parishioner Mary Wragge
-Allen M. Rowland, father of parishioners Meredith Evert & Michele Schmidt
-James Hand, father of parishioner Celise Swanson
-Dorothy Nebuda, mother of parishioner Gina Kalous & sister of parishioner Joletta Mejstrik
-Willie Fanta, father of parishioner Dale Fanta
-Raymond Jarosz, father of parishioner Karla Beller
-Clare Will, mother of parishioner Karen Zimmerman
-Lloyd Molacek, father of parishioner Jim Molacek
-Joyce Funk, sister of parishioners Lyle Funk, Lynn Funk, Paul Funk
-John Jansen, brother of parishioner Mavis Mines
-Rosella Meuret, mother of parishioner Michael Meuret
-Dennis K. Long, brother of parishioner Allen Long
-Jesse Eddy
-Steven Cruise
-Diane Schilmoeller, mother of Fr. Scott Schilmoeller
-Sr. Dorothy Koenig, OSB
-Elizabeth Smedra, mother of parishioner Leisa Piper
-Christopher Jessen, son of parishioners Wade & Jane Jessen, & brother of parishioners Sara & Laura
-Debra Kessler, niece of Ivan & Mary Van Dyke, Elda Hemmer, & aunt of Lindsey Headley
-Anne Holley
-Dorothy Wessel, mother of parishioners Joan Sonnenschein & Marilyn Jensen
-William Dahlkoetter, brother of parishioner Steve Dahlkoetter
-Ruth Hoffart, mother of parishioner Rex Hoffart
-Tawna (Lichty) Reincke, Chad Reincke, & Janicka Luschen-sister & family of parishioner Tracy Lichty
-Jean Gerkins, mother of parishioner Dawn Doherty
-Leon Schaefer, brother of parishioner Karen Schulte
-Grace Stockman, mother of parishioner Lori Nolan
-Dolores Lindgren, mother of parishioner Deb Habrock
-Thomas Frey, husband of parishioner Jamie Frey
-Theodore Wilcox, father of parishioner Ken Wilcox
-Jerrilie Wieseler, daughter of parishioner Joy Wieseler
-James Laska, son of parishioner Fran Hupp
-Derrith Murphy, daughter-in-law of parishioners Jim & Cherie Murphy
-Elizabeth Ronspies, mother of parishioner Patrick A. Ronspies
-Connie Beller, daughter of parishioners Alan & Frances Beller
-June Kerkman, mother of parishioners Barb Hoffart & Connie Schulz
-Michael Kosch, brother of parishioner Gene Kosch
-Leon Rutjens, father of parishioner Sharon Rahde-Meyer Urban, nephew of parishioner Tyler Kurtenbach
-Leann Uhing, mother of parishioner Dick Uhing
-James Kerkman, brother of parishioners Barb Hoffart & Connie Schulz


-Lavern Babel
-William Merrill, father of parishioners Steven Merrill & Torri Obermiller
-Kallie Arnold, granddaughter of parishioner Leann Arnold
-Edmund Hagedorn, father of parishioner Dorothy Knight
-Carol E. Fitzgerald Simpson, mother of parishioner Mark Fitzgerald
-Larry Boeh, husband of parishioner June Boeh
-Harold Reeker, father of parishioner Bo Ramold
-Scott Leader, son of parishioner Sharon Leader, brother of parishioner Nathan Leader
-Donna Sock, sister-in-law of Don & Shirley Sock
-Leo Hoffman, brother of parishioner Paul Hoffman