April Reading News

Readers are writers and writers are readers.  

Your child might enjoy having their own journal and just writing. A notebook and pen or pencil is all they need.  This writing can begin in kindergarten.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Date every entry.
  2. Keep (and re-read) what you write.
  3. Write quickly.
  4. Start writing; keep writing.
  5. Tell yourself the truth.
  6. Write naturally what you’re thinking.

The main thing is just to get writing and enjoy writing.  These simple beginning writings can unlock a love for writing.

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading

P.S. Thank you for signing the Book In Every Book Bag calendar after reading with your child.


Monthly Reading Incentives:

April - Mr. Lafleur will be taped to a wall

The April Book In Every Book Bag Goal is an all school goal: 10 nights of 230 readers = Taping Mr. Lafleur to the wall.

Individual goal: Read 15 of the 17 nights possible and the student get a surprise to be revealed later.                        

May - Water Balloon Mr. Lafleur - individual student goal


These reading incentive days will be held at the end of each month and announced monthly for the classes that have achieved their goal.  Keep posted for the progress of your child and their classroom.