January Reading News

Enjoy a good story and making sure your child understands the story!

Below are quick Story Retelling questions to make sure your child understands the story they have just read.  

  1. The name of the story is…
  2. The story takes place…
  3. The story is mostly about…
  4. In the beginning…
  5. Then…
  6. At the end…
  7. What was your favorite part of the story?

The January 2019 reading goal for our calendar reading is a Patriotic Music Day Wednesday, January 30th.

Five nights of 240 readers is the goal we want to meet.   Mr. Lafleur will play different patriotic songs throughout the day and students and staff will stop and dance to the music!

Mrs. Guenther, Director of Reading

P.S. Thank you for signing the Book In Every Book Bag calendar after reading with your child.


One School, On Book 2019

One School, One Book 2018-2019 - Google Docs.pdf

One School One Book 2018-2019 Reading Calendar - Google Docs.pdf


Monthly Reading Incentives:

January - Music Day - Throughout the day Mr. Lafleur will play music over the intercom, stop working and dance - all school goal

The January Book In Every Book Bag Goal is an all school goal - 5 days or more of 240 readers with their calendar initialed = a music day on Wednesday, January 30th

February - Untuck Your Shirt Day - individual student goal

March - Backward Shirt Day - individual student goal

April - Mr. Lafleur will be taped to a wall - all school goal

May - Water Balloon Mr. Lafleur - individual student goal


These reading incentive days will be held at the end of each month and announced monthly for the classes that have achieved their goal.  Keep posted for the progress of your child and their classroom.