What is Family Stewardship?

Stewardship is a commitment to participate in a Christ-centered lifestyle through sacrificial offering of time, talent, and treasure.  It is a fundamental component in the life of Catholic families.  By embracing stewardship, we are able to imitate the love and generosity of our Lord and share His love with those around us.  As parents, it is our calling to be role models of active stewardship in our school and parish.  It is one gift we are able to pass on to many subsequent generations.  By engendering a lifestyle of giving and sacrifice, we ensure that our parish and school family will continue to thrive.

Norfolk Catholic Schools has adopted policy that will serve as a guideline for family stewardship.  The following is offered as a minimum requirement for family stewardship.  There are many who go above and beyond what has been outlined.  Their level of giving and sacrifice is to be commended and imitated wherever possible.

Family expectations for Stewardship:

Sharing of time:
 Each school family is expected to actively participate in the life of the parish.  Offering your time and service in the liturgy is a wonderful way to demonstrate a commitment to weekly worship (EMHC, Lector, etc.)  Attendance at Sunday Mass is often tracked via the use of parish giving envelopes placed in the collection baskets.  Even if no monetary contribution is possible each week, it is highly recommended that an empty envelope should be placed in the basket to assist in gauging mass attendance.

Sharing of talent:
 God has blessed each and every one of us with a talent to be shared for the benefit of others.  There is an expectation that each school family will demonstrate and model stewardship by devoting a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per school year.  The specific guidelines for completion of such are outlined in the following section.

Sharing of treasure:
Tithing is a means of giving back to God who has lovingly blessed each of us.  While income limits the amount that can be contributed, each family can make some level of offering.  Although contributing each week may be difficult, a monthly goal for giving could be set.  A suggested goal for giving is 8% of your annual income. This 8% goal includes your tuition obligation.  It is important to spend time in prayerful consideration of your tithing commitment.

Norfolk Catholic Schools:  Family Stewardship

The Mission of Norfolk Catholic Schools is to support parents in their role as primary educators of their children by providing resources, within a Catholic environment, that will enable students to become good stewards in their future vocations.

Rationale: Stewardship is the management of the resources that God has entrusted to us.  It is only through God that we are blessed with such resources.  It is the expectation that we will use these resources to enlarge and enrich His kingdom.  In order to do so, we must start with the domestic church – our own family.  Setting examples and modeling faithful giving of time, talent, and treasure are essential in a Christ-centered lifestyle. Simply talking about generosity and giving of self are not enough to engender a Christ-like mindset.  It is in the doing that we learn about the power of God’s grace and love.  It is in imitation of Christ that we teach our children about the power of God’s grace and love.  To emphasize the importance of this teaching, the following is a guideline for family stewardship.  This will serve to bring our faith family together as well as reinforce Christ-centered living for all family members.

Each school family will be expected to demonstrate and model stewardship by devoting a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per school year.

It is the responsibility of the family to track and report their stewardship hours on the Sycamore website.  In the event that a family does not have access to the Sycamore website, a form may be submitted to the office at Sacred Heart Elementary or NCHS for input into Sycamore.  Click HERE for an information sheet on how to log your hours on the Sycamore System.

A printout of each family’s stewardship hours will be presented during Parent/Teacher Conferences (fall & spring).  This is offered as a courtesy reminder of the stewardship commitment. 

Stewardship hours can be met in 3 ways:

  1. Volunteering time at BOTH the Parish Festival & Spirit fundraiser events.  This will satisfy the full expectation for stewardship.
  2. Chairing a committee or event for one school year will fully satisfy the stewardship requirement.  Committee Chairs are listed below in capital lettering.
  3. Volunteering time at any number of activities or fundraisers that equals a total of 10 hours.  A list of possible activities or events is available to choose from.  (See below)

** If you have questions regarding your stewardship hours, please contact the Norfolk Catholic School office.

Examples of Activities to Fulfill Stewardship Commitment:
Festival Set-Up
Festival Tear Down
Working at Festival
Spirit Committee Chair or Co-Chair
Spirit Set-Up
Spirit Tear Down
Spirit Waitress/Bartender
Spirit Help the Night Of
Book Fair Volunteer/Coordinator
Clothing Sales Coordinator
Red Wheel Fundraiser Committee
Soup Luncheon Committee
Hot Dog Feed/Sock Hop Committee
Box Top Coordinator
Teacher Liaison Committee
Tour of Homes Committee
Donuts with Dad/Muffins with Mom Committee
Easter Egg Hunt Coordinator
Concession Stand Worker
Clean gym after games
Scoreboard opperator
Ticket Taker at sporting events
Youth Basketball Tournament Organizer/Volunteer
Golf Tournament Committee